Testing a new FB connector

NASA Endeavour space shuttle over San Francisco 2012
Speaking of plug-ins that no longer work — the NASA Endeavour space shuttle took its last trip over San Francisco in 2012. (Click the photo for more…)

My old WordPress plugin to publish to Facebook has failed.

Now I’m trying the “built in” connector provided by WordPress.org. It connects through WordPress.com, and you have to have an account there, which is where you specify whether to post just to your timeline or to your pages as well.

The plug-ins I was using, which shall remain unnamed, have not been updated for a long time. When I got a custom Facebook URL some time ago, they stopped posting to my timeline. I believe the issue was that FB gave me a new “ID” and the plug-in was mistakenly getting the old ID, which FB no longer responded to. I hope this new arrangement through WordPress.com is going to work.

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