“Virtually” Tour our Art-Space

The Missing PeaceThe Missing Peace is a major project that The Dalai Lama Foundation is co-sponsoring with the Committee of 100 for Tibet. It’s an art exhibition, composed of works by 88 artists from 30 countries. It opened at the UCLA Fowler Museum in June, 2006, and will tour the world.

The idea is to explore the Dalai Lama’s conception of peace, as seen thru the eyes of these artists.

I thought it might be fun for those who are unable to physically get to the exhibit to be able to explore it online. So, I toured the exhibit with a digital camera and built a “virtual tour” that anyone with a computer can explore online.

The museum gave me two hours alone in the two galleries, and I shot 380 photos, intending to give you an idea what the works of art look like from various vantage points.

I then combined those photos with the artists’ own photos and descriptions of their work and process, and voila we have an online tour that anyone can take. Regardless of whether they can get to the museum or not.

The exhibit next goes to Chicago, opening there in October, 2006.

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