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My iPad’s cute little raincoat keeps it travel-ready

by on Jan.13, 2011, under Cyber-nomads, Mobile devices, Our networked world, Traveling Geeks, We Blog the World

When I got my iPad and started carting it around everywhere with me, it first went into the big backpack along with my MacBook Pro (15”), and since I’m used to carrying 20+ pounds in the pack, adding the iPad didn’t bother me at all. It’s a good workout. And when I’m flying internationally, I take one wheeled bag and the backpack, so it’s standard-issue for me.

However, as I started relying more on the iPad for my mobile life, I realized that I could go without the full backpack1. So I checked at REI and found two items I couldn’t live without2. (continue reading…)

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The Paris Metro you’ll never see

by on Jan.02, 2011, under Art in Public Places, Entertainment and Places, Traveling Geeks, We Blog the World


Without much comment, but with so much enjoyment (as one who uses the Paris metro beaucoup  when I’m there — three times in the last 12 months)… the story of a subterranean world very few will ever see.

I would call them benign explorers and documenters of public territory (my words, of course) and certainly not terrorists, though I’m sure there would be hell-to-pay if they were caught by “the wrong people” and someone wanted to hold them up as examples of how poor security is. But they are urban heroes to me.  ;-)

I’m certainly not going to tell you the details, but I’ve done my own exploring of locked up places that I shouldn’t have visited (once freeclimbing up the side of a brick building at midnight with no gears, ropes or other aids, checking for unlocked windows, and picking locks), and I know the rush of being there with no intent to do  harm but just exploring spaces that are usually closed off!

Perhaps you’re aware of the outcry among photographers (including myself) about rent-a-cop guards in the U.S. who try to stop you from taking perfectly legal and legitimate photographs in public places (most often near courthouses and federal buildings) — I have been stopped twice by these two-bit uninformed guards trying to keep me from taking photos because they believed there are federal laws prohibiting photography of federal or critical structures (even bridges). That’s not the same as jumping off the platform and running next to the subway tracks, but I couldn’t resist the comparison because it shows the paranoia that exists here in the U.S.

Also see my Art in Public Places articles, and the mixed-reality games I’ve made over the years since 2002.

[Photo “Ubiquitous | Paris 2007” from]

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Differentiating “geeks” from… whatever

by on Mar.27, 2010, under Entertainment and Places, Frothy Concepts, TG2009, Traveling Geeks

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are described as a geek it’s not exactly a compliment? (I always mean it as a compliment, comeon!) That’s because people don’t fully understand the words nerd, dork, dweeb and geek. Here’s the explanation as a cool Venn diagram.

Thanks to Xeni at BoingBoing for pointing it out. And click the diagram to see how the terms relate.

Also see Traveling Geeks. Not Traveling Dweebs, Traveling Nerds or Traveling Dorks.

And here’s an interesting bestiary of geekdom, listing many different types of geeks. I know a few who fall into some, but not all, of the categories.

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Phonebooth 2.0

by on Jan.15, 2010, under Communicating, Media, Our networked world, TG2009, Traveling Geeks, Videos

I was minding my own business, getting ready to interview someone, at LeWeb in the “Geek Pad” where Microsoft had given us an area to hang out and connect online, when I noticed Eliane had her Macbook Pro over her head. I didn’t see any rain, so I knew she wasn’t using it as an umbrella, and then I heard her speaking intimately to the Mac.

Since there are hardly any phone booths anymore, she had turned her Mac into a phone booth!

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