Putting music on SoundCloud

Ten years ago, maybe, MySpace was the place to put your music. There’s still a lot of stuff there.

Today, the people I’m meeting are putting their music on SoundCloud. It’s easy to upload, and the player is sweet. Nice visuals. Each to click to play. When you’re at the soundcloud site, the player minimizes down to the bottom of the window and keeps playing while you look for other things to explore. I started putting things on SoundCloud this week. A player can also be embedded in your own web site, and there are lots of shapes, visuals and functionality. [Continue reading]

New Music Gathering

New Music Gathering 2015

The “New Music Gathering” — Over one hundred new music composers, performers, and supporters got together at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Center for New Music for three days of mixed conference and performance. Many topics. Many … [Continue reading]